Buying Products "Textile & Leather Products" Industry

Promotional Item Buyer from India

We want to import Promotional Item, Jute Bags Textile & Leather Products, Jute Slippers

Sheeter Buyer from Iran

We are interested in buying Sheeter, paper Sheeter Industrial Machinery, Paper Cutter, Paper Cutting Machine, Roll Sheeter, Folio Sheeter

100% Polyester Sewing Thread Buyer from Netherlands

We want to import 100% Polyester Sewing Thread, Rayon Or Polyester Embroidery Thread Textile & Leather Products, Nylon Thread, 100% Polyester Draw Textured Yarn

Polyester Fiber Buyer from India

We want to import Polyester Fiber, Polyester Chips Textile & Leather Products, Polyester, PA, PE, PP, PS Quality Waste

Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric Buyer from Colombia

We are interested in importing Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric

Silk Fabric Buyer from China

We are looking to importSilk Fabric, silk Jersey Textile & Leather Products

Footwear Buyer from Canada

We are looking to buy Footwear, clothes Textile & Leather Products, bags, watch, mp3,

Handbags Buyer from Cote D'Ivoire

We want to import Handbags, Wallet Textile & Leather Products, QQBear, Case, Export

Yoga Mat Buyer from Australia

We are interested in buying Yoga Mat, Tablecloth Textile & Leather Products, exercise Mat, door Mat, Chair Mat, Nonslip Mat, floor Mat, Pvc Mat, rubber Mat, carpert Underlay, rug Underlay, vinyl Carpet Protector, ...

Surf Wear Buyer from Turkey

We are interested in buying Surf Wear, Sports Clothing Textile & Leather Products

Embroidery Machines Buyer from India

We are looking to importEmbroidery Machines, Weaving Looms Textile & Leather Products

Leather Chamois Buyer from Taiwan

We are looking to importLeather Chamois

SKM200GAL123DKLD11D Buyer from India

We are looking to importSKM200GAL123DKLD11D, SKM200GAH123DKL Textile & Leather Products, BE91235, BE150773, BA300360, BE305801, BE158517, BE154282, BE309505, BE156686, 31.0225.102, 31.0964.001, 31.0964.005, B...

Cotton Yarn Buyer from Iran

We want to import Cotton Yarn, polyester Yarn Textile & Leather Products

Pareos Buyer from India

We are looking to buy Pareos, kaftans Textile & Leather Products, dupatta, scarves

Beach Towel Buyer from Russia

We want to import Beach Towel, Face Towel Textile & Leather Products, Bath Towel, Hotel Towel, Handkerchief, Promotion Towel, Floor Towel, Turkish Towel

Beauty And Surgical Products Buyer from USA

We want to import Beauty And Surgical Products

Designer Handbags Buyer from China

We want to import Designer Handbags, Sunglasses Textile & Leather Products

Knitting Machines Buyer from India

We are looking to buy Knitting Machines, Rashel Machine Textile & Leather Products, Shading Net, Fish Net, Bird Net Machines

Filter Cloth Buyer from Peru

We are interested in importing Filter Cloth, Filter Fabric Textile & Leather Products, Non-woven Fabric, Industrial Fabric, Filter Bag, Filter Press, Monofilament, Needle Punched Felt, needle Felt, PTFE Membrane, PTFE,...

Down And Feather Material Buyer from India

We are looking to importDown And Feather Material, Down And Feather Products Textile & Leather Products, Comforters, Pillows

Warp Sampling Machine Buyer from Pakistan

We want to import Warp Sampling Machine, sizing Winder Textile & Leather Products, repair Loom

Handbags Buyer from USA

We are interested in importing Handbags, caps & Maternity Clothes Textile & Leather Products

Textile Machinery&parts Buyer from Bangladesh

We are looking to importTextile Machinery&parts, textile Products Etc. Textile & Leather Products

POLYWIRE Buyer from Vietnam


Cowhide Hair On Hide Buyer from Malta

We are looking to buy Cowhide Hair On Hide

Embroidery Accessories Buyer from India

We want to import Embroidery Accessories, lace Textile & Leather Products, sequins, beads, single Heads Embroidery Machine

Felt For Tennis Ball Buyer from India

We are looking to importFelt For Tennis Ball, woollen Blazer Textile & Leather Products, blankets, industrial Cloth.

Saddles Buyer from Netherlands

We are looking to buy Saddles, Bridels Textile & Leather Products, Halters, Saddle Pads, Girths, Bits, Reins, Harness, Headstall And Hourse Clothing.
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