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Terry Weaving Looms Buyer from India

We are looking to importTerry Weaving Looms, Soft Flow Dyeing Machins Textile & Leather Products, Long Hemming, Shearing & Polishing Machine For Pile Fabric

Abrasives/Polishing Wheels Buyer from Pakistan

We are interested in importing Abrasives/Polishing Wheels, Pads Universal Frankfurt Polishing Type5 EXTRA D-N-T-TT Industrial Machinery

Cement Brick Machine Buyer from Argentina

We are looking to buy Cement Brick Machine, stone Machine Industrial Machinery, concrete Brick Machine, saws Machine, stone Cutting Machine, stone Polishing Machine, bridge Cutting Machine, block Cutting Machine,...

Rock Bit Buyer from Malaysia

We are looking to importRock Bit, PDC Bit Hardware & Mechanical Parts, Tri-cone Bit, Tooth Bit, Specialty Bits, Blast Hole Bit, Shot Hole Bits, Left In Hole Bits, Hole Openers And Sub Adaptors, New/surplus Drill...

Diamond Tools Buyer from Poland

We are looking to importDiamond Tools, segment Industrial Machinery, saw Blade, flexible Polishing Pads, floor Renovating Pads, etc

Sand Sieve Machine Buyer from Canada

We are looking to importSand Sieve Machine, Sand Dryer Construction & Real Estate

OG Bits Buyer from Barbados

We are interested in importing OG Bits, polishing Pads Wet/dry Construction & Real Estate, angle Grinder, GV 5000, Polisher Varble Speed, grinding Wheel, zerolerance 3 Inch, nylon Balls

Stone Cutting Machines Buyer from Australia

We are interested in buying Stone Cutting Machines, Bridge Saws Industrial Machinery, Stone Edge Polishers, Profile Machines, Electrical Equipment, Fridge, Freezers, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Generators, Water Pr...

Led Flashlight Buyer from New Zealand

We are interested in importing Led Flashlight, led Headlight Electrical & Electronics Supplies, camping Tent, sleepingbag

Molecular Sieve Buyer from UAE

We are looking to buy Molecular Sieve

Led Modules Buyer from Denmark

We want to import Led Modules, Led Strip Electrical & Electronics Supplies, Led Light, Through-hole Led, Super Flux, SMT, SMD, High Power

Film Laminator Buyer from Philippines

We are interested in buying Film Laminator, protective Film Industrial Machinery, grinding Machine, polishing Machine

Down The Hole Hammer & Bit Buyer from Saudi Arabia

We want to import Down The Hole Hammer & Bit

Polishing Pads Diamont Buyer from Germany

We are interested in importing Polishing Pads Diamont

Tungsten Carbide Buyer from China

We want to import Tungsten Carbide, Carbide Minerals & Metallurgy, Tungsten Carbide Roller, Strips, Rod

Carbon Molecular Sieve Buyer from USA

We are looking to importCarbon Molecular Sieve

Rice Processing Machinery Buyer from Iraq

We are interested in buying Rice Processing Machinery, Rice Whitener Agriculture, Grain Cleaning Machinery, cleaning Sieve, Rice Grading Sieve, Husker, Rice Polisher, Water Polisher, Paddy Separator, De-stoner

Cubic Zirconia Buyer from India

We are interested in buying Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Stones For Jewellery Minerals & Metallurgy, Cubic Zirconia Hearts & Arrows, Cz Machine Cut - Hearts & Arrows, Star Cut, Stones For Jewelry, Factory Prices, ...

Polishing Machine Buyer from Egypt

We want to import Polishing Machine

Granite Abrasive Polishing ... Buyer from China

We are looking to importGranite Abrasive Polishing Tools

Swarvoski Two Hole Slider B... Buyer from USA

We are looking to buy Swarvoski Two Hole Slider Beads

Ethanol Drying Molecular Sieve Buyer from Ecuador

We are interested in importing Ethanol Drying Molecular Sieve

Grinding Buyer from USA

We are looking to importGrinding, Polishing Tools Construction & Real Estate, Diamond Pads, Sealers

Button Hole Machine Maker Buyer from Canada

We are interested in importing Button Hole Machine Maker

2-hole Sliders Beads Buyer from Sweden

We are interested in buying 2-hole Sliders Beads

Molecular Sieve Dessicant Buyer from UAE

We are interested in importing Molecular Sieve Dessicant, Construction & Real Estate

Large Hole Beads Buyer from USA

We are looking to buy Large Hole Beads, necklace Gifts & Crafts, bracelet, anklet, earring, barette,

Second Hand Blast Hole Dril... Buyer from Romania

We are interested in buying Second Hand Blast Hole Drill Rigs

Tile Floor Machines For Cas... Buyer from Indonesia

We are interested in buying Tile Floor Machines For Casting, Polishing Tile Floor Machine Electrical & Electronics Supplies, Hydraulic Tile Floor Machine

FC Ceramic Connector 435um ... Buyer from USA

We are looking to importFC Ceramic Connector 435um Hole
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