Buying Products "Industrial Machinery" Industry from Yemen

Zinc Ash Buyer from Bangladesh

We are interested in importing Zinc Ash
Buying Products: Zinc Ash

Crude Oil Buyer from Venezuela

We want to import Crude Oil
Buying Products: Crude Oil

Zinc Ash Buyer from India

We are interested in buying Zinc Ash, Zinc Dust Minerals & Metallurgy, Zinc Ingots, Cataytic Converters, Tin Cans

Buyer from USA

We are looking to buy

Aluminum Scrape Hms1/2 Copper Buyer from India

We are interested in buying Aluminum Scrape Hms1/2 Copper

Jp54 Buyer from Saudi Arabia

We want to import Jp54, D2 Minerals & Metallurgy, Crude Oil, Sugar,, diamonds,
Buying Products: Jp54, D2, Sugar

Medical Supplies Buyer from Jamaica

We want to import Medical Supplies, Hospital Equipment Health & Medicines, Dental Supplies, Chemicals, Lab Equipments & Disposables
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