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100% Polyester Sewing Thread Buyer from Netherlands

We are looking to buy 100% Polyester Sewing Thread, Rayon Or Polyester Embroidery Thread Textile & Leather Products, Nylon Thread, 100% Polyester Draw Textured Yarn

Embroidery Thread Buyer from USA

We are interested in buying Embroidery Thread, Stabilizer Gifts & Crafts, Scissors, Sewing Supplies, Caps, Hats, Polo Shirts, Jogging Suits, Embroiderable Goods, Linen, Towels

Hair Scissors Buyer from USA

We are interested in importing Hair Scissors, Hairdressing Scissors Beauty & Personal Care

Hair Products Buyer from South Africa

We are looking to importHair Products, Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Iron Beauty & Personal Care, Hair Dryer, Hair Scissors, Haircutling Scissors, Hair Curling Iron, Hair Clippers

Manicure Buyer from UK

We are looking to importManicure, Pedicure Beauty & Personal Care, Beauty Care Implements, All Types Hair Cut Shears, Tweezers, Razors, Nail Care Instruments, Surgical Instrments, Dental Instruments, Pet Care Ins...

Mini Sewing Machine Buyer from UK

We are looking to importMini Sewing Machine, vaccum Sealing Machine Electrical & Electronics Supplies, massage Eyeglass, Electric Scissors, lose Weight Belt, portable DVD, Car DVD, air Purifier

Hair Scissors Buyer from Australia

We are looking to buy Hair Scissors

Sewing Accessories Buyer from St. Lucia

We want to import Sewing Accessories

Hair ScisssorsÃ&Aci... Buyer from USA

We want to import Hair Scisssorsïü?barber Shearsïü?hairdressing Scissors

TRACTOR Buyer from Kenya

We want to import TRACTOR

Used Contruction Machine Buyer from Vietnam

We want to import Used Contruction Machine, Used Sewing Machine Agriculture, Tools Machine, Used Tractor& Hand Tiller, Used Grass Cutter, Used Generator, Used Rammer, Used Plate, Used Motor, Used Chain Saw

Scissors Buyer from UK

We want to import Scissors

Fabric Buyer from USA

We are interested in buying Fabric, Sewing Materials Textile & Leather Products, Scissors, Thread, Sewing Machines, Lace, Silk, Buttons, Yarn, Cutting Boards, Sewing Needles, Surge Machines, Overlock Thread, Etc.

Sewing Thread Buyer from Nigeria

We are looking to buy Sewing Thread, Trimming Laces Apparel & Clothing, Satin Bias, Scissors, Gum Stay, Zipper, Industrial Sewing Machine Needles, Stationeries, Ball Pens, Home Supplies, Watch Straps, Belt, ...

Cotton Fabrics Buyer from UK

We are looking to buy Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Print Fabrics Textile & Leather Products, Linen Fabrics, Wool And Cashmere Products, Trimmings, Ribbons, Sewing Accessories, Scissors, Finishing Suppliers For Make-up...

Leather Sewing Machine Buyer from USA

We are interested in importing Leather Sewing Machine

Industrial Sewing Machine P... Buyer from China

We are looking to buy Industrial Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing Accessories Buyer from Ireland

We want to import Sewing Accessories, Knitting Needles Textile & Leather Products, Sewing Needles, Ribbons, Fabric, Scissors, Sewing Boxes, Seam Rippers, Tape Measure, Dressmaking Accessories

Sewing Machines Buyer from Malawi

We are interested in importing Sewing Machines, scissors Office & School Supplies, tapemeasures, Charcoal Iron, rolls Of Cloth, jackpanes, braces, oilstone, set Of Chisels, sets Of Bits, rip Saws, tenon Saws, marking...

Sewing Machines Buyer from Egypt

We are looking to buy Sewing Machines

Sewing Buyer from USA

We are interested in importing Sewing, Crafts Gifts & Crafts

Buttons Buyer from UK

We are interested in importing Buttons, Haberdashery Gifts & Crafts, Ribbons, Knitting Products, Sewing Notions, Card Making Materials, Scissors,

HDPE Bag Manufacturing Mach... Buyer from India

We want to import HDPE Bag Manufacturing Machineries, Hdpe Sheet Sewing Construction & Real Estate, Cutting, Printing Machines Etc.

Needle Buyer from Indonesia

We are looking to buy Needle, Sewing Machine Part Home & Garden

Sewing Machine Buyer from Egypt

We are interested in buying Sewing Machine

Sewing Notions Buyer from USA

We are interested in buying Sewing Notions

SEWING MACHINE Buyer from Yemen

We are interested in buying SEWING MACHINE

Sewing Notions Buyer from USA

We are interested in importing Sewing Notions, Upholstering Supplies And Fabrics Apparel & Clothing, Leather Hides, Leather Products And Acessories, Motorcycling Products And Accessories, Etc.

Needle Sewing Machine Buyer from Portugal

We are looking to buy Needle Sewing Machine, Pins Textile & Leather Products, Accessories Pactwork, Scissors, Chalk, Textile Needles, Crochet Needles, Hand Sewing, Fabrics, Table Linens Bathroom, Kitchen Towel...

100% Cotton Batik Fabric Buyer from US Virgin Islands

We are looking to import100% Cotton Batik Fabric, solid Cotton Fabric Apparel & Clothing, assorted Thread, hook 7 Eyes, Snaps, ball Point Pins, Tracing Wheel, tracing Paper, tape Measure, sewing Needles, brother...
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